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From the war torn world of Ord Mantell, to the old Jedi temple of Tython, we have struggled and have been found worthy. We wield pistols, love explosions, and tear our enemy down with lightsabers. What has it all been for? Where have we been led to? Both of those questions have the same answer: Coruscant. It is the heart of the republic, should it truly fall to the Empire, we would be but empty vessels. That can not be allowed to happen, this is why the Order exists.

Smugglers, Troopers, and Jedi have all converged upon this sacred planet and swear their alliegence to the Order to fight against the Empire and all others who would bring chaos to the Republic and the rest of the galaxy. We fight with more than the weapons in our hands. We use skill, cunning, and no small amount of luck. We rely on each other, on our companions, and have faith in ourselves. This is our time, do not fear the Empire.. make them fear and despise us!

Welcome to the Order of Coruscant!

The Order of Coruscant (OOC) was founded pre-launch by friends who have gamed through various different MMOs together which includes Star Wars Galaxy. Now, with The Old Republic, they have returned with a vengence and will once again rise above the fold to let all know exactly who the Order of Coruscant is and what they stand for! Despite our introduction, OOC is not a roleplaying guild. We do not turn away those that like to roleplay, but the choice is optional.

We are casual, laid back, and enjoy experiencing every aspect of the game. The founders of the guild were all beta testers for ToR and have seen many different transformations with the game. We are not a guild that will help power level players, nor are we hardcore PvP. If these things are what you are looking for, then OOC is not for you. We try to keep a friendly, mature environment and most guildies in the past have become close… friendships lasting for years. This is the core of who we are, we are here to enjoy the game. Welcome to our guild site!

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